Hats On!

 I’m sure most of you have at least admired, if not flirted with the idea of purchasing one of the latest ‘it’ accessories of the season… HATS!!!
 I recently purchased a SUPER-CUTE wide-brim, floppy hat! I haven’t worn it yet… I feel like I need a reason to wear it because it adds a lot of drama! If you’re going for a vintage or Bohemian look… the floppy, wide-brim is definitely for you!
wide brim hats
If the wide-brims are a bit much for you, go for the classic, but hip fedora! This hat looks great on everyone! I love a little embellishment like a feather or a ribbon on the side.
Fedora Hats
 Fedoras are great year round, just make sure you’re not wearing straw in the winter! :)
Fedora Hats
Hats can be a little intimidating because they’re attention-grabbers! The only time I think about wearing a hat is when my hair remixes on me! So, I’m glad to have a few more options for days like that!

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