Collector’s Item!

This should be old news, if you’re a Beyonce’ fan. I’m sure absolutely NOTHING stopped you from purchasing Live At Roseland: Element 4 YESTERDAY!!! She is such an amazing performer! To be pregnant in heels, have less stamina than usual, and STILL be able to dance and sing for at least two hours straight is mind-boggling!!! And since there won’t be a tour in the near future, you need to take advantage!

Don’t wait for Christmas to see if it’s in your stocking. GET IT NOW!!! If the shelves are empty, take the entire tag off the display and scan it! It’ll tell you whether or not more are in the stockroom! Trust me I know. Don’t worry about ticking off the salesperson. They might be mad, but chances are they won’t tell you that! Besides, we are the economy!
I also recommend Adele: Live At The Royal Albert Hall! She doesn’t get enough credit and she has a spectacular voice, as well. I’ve never seen her live, but I’ve enjoyed both CDs! She won’t be shaking a tail-feather, but I’m sure you can relate to her music!

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