There’s been A LOT of buzz around the blogosphere about bondage tights. So, I thought I’d spread the word! These edgy tights are a product of Wolford; a company that specializes in, (but not limited to) luxurious legwear and bodywear. IF you are able to find them, they will run you about $65.00!!! Maybe there’s an extra perk with these nylons, like contouring or something??? I’ll have to see what I can find that will give me the same sexiness, at a price that I can justify!

       Kelis in Bondage Tights

There are so many options at whatever price-point you choose. Anything from polka dots, stripes, animal prints, colored tights, printed tights, you name it! And don’t forget about what has become the #1 staple item in EVERY girls closet…. LEGGINGS! Add a t-shirt and/or sweater, boots, and accessories… Voila’, Lazy-chic in no time! Speaking of leggings, let me say this… Ladies, I love street fashion… HOWEVER, when wearing leggings, please take proportion and fabric into consideration!!! What do I mean by that? Glad you asked! I hate seeing twisted seams, wedgies, “framework”, and well… your panties! (Something my friends and I would call: when-keeping-it-real-goes-wrong)! Sometimes leggings are too sheer. I understand you have nothing to hide, but please cover that up! No worries… It’s a quick fix! Just wear top that covers your secret!!!

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just cavalli jaeger london animal print tights Fall/Winter 2011 trends Part 3: Animal Print tights.

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  1. Great read!! So glad to hear someone else say that leggings are not pants!! I am tired of seeing camel toes, ladies!! Do better!! I am the queen of printed tights! One of my favorite things about FALL/WINTER!!

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