Throwback Thursday: TOYS!!!!

  Remember going through the Toys-R-Us catalog every year, circling all the latest and greatest toys you wanted for Christmas or your birthday? If you had any of these toys in your toy box, you definitely grew up in the late ’80s or early ’90s…

Take a peek at what’s inside…


Alphie! I learned a lot from this guy…

Polly PocketI had most, if not all of these little gadgets. I guess you could say they were equivalent to the G.I. Joe sets.

Teddy RuxpinHe was cool and scary at the same time. Did you ever experience a malfunction where his head, mouth and eyes weren’t in sync? YIKES!!!

Treasure Trolls! Looking back, I’m not sure why I had to have an entire collection of these weird-looking creatures…

Cabbage Patch Kids! How many kids did you adopt? There was a least one you could relate to. They came with head-gear, glasses, and different nationalities. About that hair made of yarn…

Skip ItI think I had a purple one…

Christmas wasn’t complete if you didn’t have an Easy Bake Oven!

How many rings made it around the stick??? Better yet, how long did you play this game before you got bored with it? But, you just had to have it!

COLLECTOR’S ITEM!!! How many years of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys did you collect?

The little slap-it thingies were cool until they got dirty! Oh well, they were only .50 in the gumball machine…

Little Professor didn’t make a me a math wiz, but I looked cool doing it!

So much has changed through the years. Most of these toys wouldn’t pass the safety code today. I turned out fine! I wonder what changed??? ;) What was in your toy box or on your Christmas list as kid???

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