Certified Style!

Guess who’s the new face for Madewell’s 2012 fall campaign, “Mix Well. Madewell.” ???

That would be Solange Knowles!!!!

The focal point of the campaign are jeans and versatile tops. And we all know that Solange is the QUEEN of mix-n-match!

“Solange’s great style mix-matched perfectly with Madewell’s aesthetics,” said the brand.

Solange tells PEOPLE Magazine,

“I know that because I wear so much color and print, I might not want to mix so much textures. I am also attentive to my body. I love the was some of the over-sized, extremely exaggerated, boxy proportions look on some girls… but it doesn’t work for me.”

Check out some behind-the-scenes footage:

Let’s tally it up… Carol’s Daughter, check! Rimmel London, check!  Now, Madewell! I’d say she’s had a pretty awesome year so far…

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