Block It!!!

For those you who never understood the point of taking color theory classes, here’s the reason… Color-blocking is back again! This trend has been around for a few seasons, but originally made its debut decades ago, (approximately during the 1960s) with Mod fashion. It started out with the large, colorful, geometric patterns. Now, it’s pretty much whatever you want it to be. If you’re not comfortable with the idea layering bold colors together, go back to the basics. What’s considered basic? Well, try wearing a black dress with colored tights, or pair it a bold-colored blazer and eye-catching shoes! Play around with color-wheel… Find colors that complement each other and BLOCK IT!!!

Take a look at these runway examples… Notice the less-is-more rule… When color-blocking, accessories are minimal! I think that’s very important, since your color choices ARE indeed your statement in this case!

Color-blocking doesn’t stop at apparel…You can even color-block your nails!

Check out yours truly!

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