Feedback Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU!!!! Welcome to the first-ever, Blissful Follower’s TAKEOVER!!! Today is all about you! Check out ALL the wonderful feedback I’ve received throughout the week!
Blissful Follower, Noura in Augusta, GA sent pics of her little one… Meet 7 month old Disco! She enjoys open spaces that she can run in. She looooves chasing her tail, popping balloons, and her LARGE stuffed rabbit that she sleeps with every night!
I absolutely adore her dress! Her paws resemble dainty, lace socks! How cute!
RE: Deeply Rooted…
Martie from Charlotte, NC is showing off her ombre’ color!

Next, we have Raven also from Charlotte flaunting an ombre’ look…

Kim from Charlotte, (now one of my regulars) sporting her colored denim!
WOW! Thanks ladies for a VERY successful TAKEOVER!!! You rocked it out this week!

5 thoughts on “Feedback Friday!

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  1. Completely off topic!! I am attending a company holiday party…Nail bling with a black lacey one shoulder dress…..what do you think!! I am going to do two nails and the remaining nails Private Jet.

  2. I learned a new word…"Ombre"! In most cases I think this look is fablous but in some cases it has the potential to go wrong. Can you tell me a little about how to avoid going this route ?

  3. Well, for it's only a matter of time before I start missing my highlights! 6 inches of new-growth might be a great time to redo them! It's inevitable for us, since we are natural brunettes. Trend or not, my roots will be dark at some point!

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