Suck It Up!

‘Tis the season to jolly be AND defiant towards our diets; all while trying to preserve or obtain a 2012 beach-ready, Beyonce’ (pre-pregrancy) body! When you really think about it, the holiday season begins in October for some of us. I can attest to that! There are a gazillion birthday dinners, catch-up dinners, company luncheons, pre-holiday celebration dinners, not to mention our monthly consumption as a result to ‘Aunt Flow…’ We over-indulge, then  all of a sudden we think to ourselves: “I’m going to have to squeeze into a dress that is going to reveal my dietary hiatus! Yikes!!!”
The good news is, you don’t have resort to ruching or flaking out in every case… Just buy a SPANX to smooth, slim, boost, or tame your problem area! Don’t think just because you’re petite that you’re exempt! No ma’am!






Remember, SHAPERS CAN BE FOUND AT TARGET (Yes, Target!)  for under $35!!!  Just look for Assets by Sara Blakely in the hosiery department.  It is the SAME designer of the original Spanx! No excuses ladies… It’s a great investment! (At least until we fulfill our on-going New Year’s goal of shedding 15lbs by spring)! ;)

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  1. Having a shaper also helps you to learn to naturaly hold it all in. Great posting.Wearing a shaper is just like wearing underwear its a hidden secret!-Martie, Charlotte, NC

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