Who caught Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion special, last night? Just in case you missed it, here is a clip of Nene vs. Sheree on cashing TRUMP CHECKS! …

real housewives of atlanta

So, is she a RICH you-know-what?

Round 2: Nene vs. Kandi…

The drama never ends! Can’t wait for Part 2, to see who Marlo goes in on!!!

What did you think of last night’s circus?



  1. Part 1 of the RHOA reunion was great. Team NeNe here. I agree with her totally. Sheree and Kim are jealous. Kandi is very messy and honestly I think she’s childish. I mean twitter parties, sex toys, and that horrible ponytail w/ that bang? Gimme a freaking break. NeNe is the queen and always will be. The other’s need to realize that and accept it. Kim was so far up Sheree’s @$$ it was disgusting. Bottom line is, love NeNe or hate her…It’s Miss Leakes who makes the show! PLOOOP!!

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