Get Your ‘Flats’ Straight!

Is it just me, or are REALLY cute flats hard to find?

I hate to admit it, but I am el cheapo when comes to investing in flat shoes! It’s like I don’t even see them in the stores. They are NEVER on my list of must-haves… Besides, the only time I need or want them is when my feet are hurting! LOL! And of course, the ones I like are expensive, so they never make the cut! C’mon ladies, beauty is painful and unfortunately our feet have to suffer!

I’m only joking. As crazy as this sounds, my feet will start to hurt if I wear flats too long.  The ones I have aren’t the most comfortable anyways!

As our lifestyle changes, flats will be inevitable.

 Bottom line, we need to take care of our feet. Flat shoes may never be as cute and fabulous as heels, so we need to make sure we have some charming alternatives. One this is for certain, I ALWAYS have a “spare”  in my bag AND my car!

Luckily, the summer calls for flip-flops… Make sure you pamper your feet with bi-weekly pedicures, as our feet endure a lot of pain!!!

According to Jeffery Campbell, these are flats thank-you-very-much! ;)

If they going to be flat, they MUST be flamboyant!

Remember these???

Ladies, pat yourselves on the back! It’s not easy being a woman!

It’s hard work!

3 thoughts on “Get Your ‘Flats’ Straight!

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  1. Flats are amazing! They do not replace my heel obession but are a nice alternative when I want to be cute,but yet still classy!! They transcend between seasons and they are a STAPLE for any girl on the go…

  2. I agree a comfortable flat + cuteness = A rare find. But they are a must have in my closet. Right between my heels and jordans. Don’t judge…I’m from Chicago! :)

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