Jigga In Paris!

Beyonce’ and friends supported the Watch the Throne tour this past weekend in Paris…

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Rowland, Spike Lee, and Dream joined Beyonce’ in the VIP section of the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, while Jay and Yeezy entertained for three hours!

The duo performed a 50-minute set of chart-topper “N**** in Paris.” What do I mean by a 50-minute set? They performed it 11 times! Now, that’s CRAY!

{I’m guessing they only did snippets of the other songs! J/K}.


They always make time for an after-party!

Centre of attention: Jay-Z can be seen giggling while Beyonce looks more serious

 Despite a long weekend, look who is on “daddy duty!”


Look at those feet! :)

Don’t even think about it!

beyonce in paris

Bey looking fabulous as usual!!!

Happy Monday!

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  1. That pic of Papa Hov holding Blue Ivy is EVERYTHING! I love it! Love those little, tiny baby feet (in my baby voice) LOL!!

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