Some call it maroon, others call it bordeaux. However, this fall it goes by “oxblood!” No matter what you call it, it’s pretty safe to say that burgundy or deep berry shades are one of fall’s hottest color trends! Some say, it’s the new black!

It’s been all over the fall runway. I am already obsessed! This look is very refined. I’m enticed by the  monochromatic look. It has a very sexy, yet mysterious look that says: “She has arrived!”

Like black, oxblood is very versatile. You can pair it with subdued colors, or you can add a pop of color for a little jolt.

Don’t forget about your beauty products. We should already have the nail polish covered. If not, go get it!

Summer’s been great, but I can’t wait to get vampy this fall!

6 thoughts on “Berried!

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  1. Yes Yes and Yes!!! One of my favorite Fall colors! I just bought some berry blood lip gloss by Aveda. I think I have some vintage boots in these colors as well that I’m itching to pull out!

  2. I think I’ll add a pop of oxblood to my wardrobe. I like the pic of the woman in the oxblood skirt. I don’t think berries look good with my hair color.

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