New Music: Beautiful Surprise

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… Tamia‘s fifth studio album, Beautiful Surprise is in stores today! There’s more to Beautiful Surprise than just the single itself…

Though her talents seem underestimated by most, there’s no surprise that Tamia has one of the most powerful voices amongst R&B vocalists. She gives an unexpected twist to country music on this album with her rendition of Wynonna Judd’s, “Is It Over Yet” and the remake of “Still.”

She also stays close to her gospel roots with “Because of You.” I’ve been a Tamia fan since 1997. I admire how she’s preserved her authentic R&B flavor. She’s not afraid to go into that emotional space that modern music seems to have abandoned.  Her uptempo tracks aren’t as strong as her ballads, but that’s to be expected given that we absolutely love her smooth vocals on her heartfelt love songs.

Track List:

1.  Loose My Mind
 2. Give Me You
3. It’s Not Fair
4. Believe In Love
5. Beautiful Surprise
 6. Is It Over Yet
7. Love I’m Yours
8. Him
9. Still Love You
10. Because of You
11. Still

Though reviews are mixed, I’m really excited about this album. In my opinion, she manages to stay true to her message, despite how much music has evolved.

4 thoughts on “New Music: Beautiful Surprise

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  1. I am going to rush to Target and get it today!!! Especially while it new and on sale!!!! Anyone care to join me? Not come unless you are buying the CD!!

  2. Love me some Tamia…so underrated. I’ve loved her voice since first hearing her on Q’s Juke Joint. Gotta get to TAR JE’ today!!

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