Palazzo Party!

Yes, let’s do it again! Palazzo pants that is! Palazzo pants are right up my alley. The first word that comes to mind is ‘COMFORT!’

One thing is for certain, you’ll either love them or loathe them. However, if you love them they’ll be one of your summer staple items. These loose-fitting, versatile pants create the illusion of elongated legs with flowy fabric in fun, vibrant prints and/or colors.

I prefer printed palazzos. Ethnic prints, paisley, polka dots, florals, you name it! The excess fabric allows you to flaunt beautiful mixed prints with intrepid color all in one day! Not to mention you can give your skinny jeans a break! What better reason to pull out your chunky heels or wedges {depending on your length preference}?!

Palazzo Pants  New Trend for Summer 2013

Palazzo Pants  New Trend for Summer 2013

^^^ I absolutely love her trousers! ^^^

Palazzo pants are a statement of its own. Simply add a tank or blouse, a few accessories and DONE! Mission accomplished!

Palazzo Pants  New Trend for Summer 2013

You know they say “great minds think alike…”  Nicole and I proved that statement to be true this past weekend with our unplanned selections for the Mrs. Carter Tour. Check out our take on palazzo pants…



Will you join the palazzo party? If so, send your pics to

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  1. Love it…you ladies really worked the look, one more thing to add to the must have list! I’ll tell Mr. Taylor to blame you, it’s safer that way! ;-) LOL

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