Bliss Is Back!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday vacation! I sure did… Now, we are officially counting down to the most-wonderful-time-of the-year!!! Anyone catch any amazing Black Friday deals??? My friends and I wanted to catch some of the midnight deals at the mall… So, we skipped our fun-filled sleep over and two-hour power naps, and headed over to a packed mall… Only to leave out empty-handed, with the exception of Raven… She scored THE LAST PAIR of some cool, black animal print tights from Nine West! We felt swindled! Only a few (irrelevant) stores opened at midnight. As you can tell, we were very disappointed!

We were determined to get something, so we went to Target… And after standing in that ridiculous line for almost 2 hours, I came out with a fashion magazine, 2 CDs, and a tall caramel apple cider from Starbucks! (Same thing I would have bought on a regular day)! How disappointing! I NEVER have a hard time shopping. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise for what’s to come???

That being said, I REALLY enjoyed my rounds going from the kitchen to the couch and time spent with my family and friends! Hopefully we’ll have better luck today for Cyber-Monday???
Did you find any amazing deals that you’d like to share? Maybe you’d like to share a few holiday memories … If so, leave a comment or email me pics at!

P.S. Did anyone catch Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season Premiere or The Housewives of Atlanta last night? GREAT TV!!!!

4 thoughts on “Bliss Is Back!!!

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  1. I was laughing hysterically at Ms. Joyce. There is a time and a place for those indecent, guilty pleasures….A birthday party with your mother or maternal figures present, is not the place!! It was extreme, inappropriate, and might I add ENTERTAINING!!

  2. I was a little confused by Ms. Joyce reaction, She make appearances on Kandi Coated nights making inappropriate remarks, As someone mother you gotta draw the line she also helped Kandi pick out the sex toys for her new XXX line of toys. I do agree with NeNe high class Phadrea had no business giving someone a public gift like that but really Ms. Joyce I think it was the pleasuring himself act that tipped the cup over. LOL I also took my eyes out my head place them in my purse and drove away

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