Fur-ever In Love!!!

I would like to introduce to you, two of my favorite ‘fursons’… Pebbles and Priscilla! I am totally obsessed with these paws. Their ‘fursonalities’ compel me to believe that this is their second time around! Pebbles is very sweet, independent and laid-back… She enjoys traveling, fashion (like mum), sun-bathing and looking out of the window! (I have pictures to prove it)!!! Priscilla on the other, is a little more rambunctious. She loves to be the center of attention, FIRST, going to “Nona’s” (my mother) house, and running wildly through the house! She enjoys eating treats or whatever you give her, hugs, and playing with her toys!
Don’t let the sweet faces fool you! THEY WILL ATTACK, IF NEED BE!!! LOL!
Here are some photos of them in action…
 This is Pebbles posing with one of her baby dolls…
Priscilla being silly!
Model pose! Check out her fur!
Wanting to play!!!
Now you can see why I love them so much! Couldn’t image life without them!
If  you’d like to dote on your pet, feel free to send pictures and a little about their pastimes to sprinklesofbliss@gmail.com.

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