Nailed It!

  I absolutely love a zany manicure. However, they NEVER last on my busy fingers! It looks good for a day, IF I’m able to make it out of the nail salon without a single smudge or mishap! I try doing them myself and it turns into an all-day event. I end up with air-bubbles or I have to soak in the bathtub to get my cuticles polish-free! That being said, I am grateful for nail bling!Blissful Follower, Raven in Charlotte purchased me a set of Nail Fraud (similar to Sally Hansen Salon Effects) nail strips. It’s a dry manicure that comes with everything you need! A cuticle pusher, emery board, and 20 appliques. There are plenty of designs to choose from! Nail bling can last up to 10 days. Removal is simple… Just use nail polish removal as you would with regular polish! It’s very affordable. They range from about $8 to $10 and you can purchase them at your local drugstore!!! It’s a tiny fraction of what you’d pay for a stunning manicure like Solonge’s. Check out Raven’s nail bling below… Definitely worth a try!


 Here’s a tutorial… Now you have no excuse!



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