Public Offenders…

We all have heard the quote : “Beauty lies within the eye of the beholder.” And for many, that is the case for fashion. I received a request last week, from an outraged BF suggesting that I address fashion faux pas’. Though I can appreciate risk-takers and individuality, I will share a few bewildering looks…

I love Tyra, but not with racoon eyes…

Oops, she did it again! Gaga in her “meat dress.”

KATY PERRY photo | Katy Perry

Katy’s dress had potential. I just think the execution fell short.

Ashanti made a few errors with this look!

Gotta love street fashion…

Now, this is just for kicks and giggles and ultimately just my opinion. Fashion can be hit or miss, period! We all get it wrong at times. Some of these ladies are icons and have seen and experienced more than we could imagine.  Before you step away from the mirror, ask yourself: “Is this a fashion felony?” It’s never too late to reform!

Do you have faux pas you’d like to discuss?

Let’s talk about it!

2 thoughts on “Public Offenders…

Add yours

  1. I just don’t understand how some people can look in the mirror and say “damn, I look good!” when they really look a hot mess. What about those girls that have 4-in-1 hairstyles?! Ugh!

  2. Dear Bliss,

    Is it appropriate or fashionable to wear all white to an event that’s NOT all white?

    James C.
    Atlanta, GA

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