Forbes’ Celebrity 100!

Forbes has released its annual Celebrity 100 List. The list comprises the most talked about faces and names on television, in movies, online and of course social media. The top 10 most powerful celebrities are:

#10: Steven Spielberg

#9: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

#8: Katy Perry

#7: Kim Kardashian

#6: Britney Spears

#5: Lady Gaga

#4: Rihanna

Rihanna Battleship photo call 2012 Rihanna Visits Pearl Harbour For Battleship Photo Call [Photo]

#3: Justin Bieber

#2: Oprah

And the most powerful of them all…

#1: Jennifer Lopez

Any list Forbes compiles is always powerful. And since I’ve been omitted thus far, let me get back to work! Hmmm, where is Beyonce’ on this list?! :/

3 thoughts on “Forbes’ Celebrity 100!

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  1. I guess Jay nor B are considered powerful according to Forbes. I am amazed that JLO is considered #1 but hey! She IS doing big things. Minus her young boo thang right now…. Ugh! Congrats to JLO

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