Glamour’s 2012 Women of the Year Awards

Check out the fashion and winners of  this year’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards

The best-dressed list was shorter than I would have expected it to be, but here are a few that got it right…

Eva Longoria – Inspiration of the Year

Jessie J – Solo Artist of the Year

Jessica Alba – Entrepreneur of the Year


Lea Michele – US TV Actress of the Year

On the cusp…

This look is very whimsical, but she pulled it off… Sort of!

Something’s missing, but I kinda like it???

I keep going back and forth on this one…

Kelly Rowland – TV Personality of the Year

WARNING: It goes downhill from here!

Dionne Warwick – Icon Award

Donatella Versace – Fashion Designer of the Year

Viola Davis – Film Actress of the Year

Caitlin Moran – Writer of the Year

I guess I expected a little more glamour at the Glamour Awards!

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