A Blue Definition

Beyonce’ has released a profound and sentimental poem about meaning of Blue Ivy’s name…

How thoughtful… Blue Ivy is going to love her name! I admire how Jay- Z and Beyonce’ have managed to reserve their personal lives. The fact that they are able to spoon-feed snippets of their lives to the public is remarkable, considering their persona.

Hmm… I wonder if “Blue” will be a trending name???

3 thoughts on “A Blue Definition

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  1. It’s refreshing to know that much thought went into B’s and Jay’s baby’s name….still getting used to the name I must admit, but I cannot deny the beautiful meaning behind it. Since I’ve been a mother I have learned that meanings of a name does hold true to the person…my precious baby girl Alani Skye reminds me of that each and everyday. :-)

  2. I am naming my first son “GEO Sport”, and daughter “Rose Garden”… sooooooo j/k. Love that she is finally sharing a little of her personal with the world… makes her more relatable and likable. I think it also gives her some relief to feel a little more normal… I could ONLY imagine the pressure of having to maintain a certain image and the fear that comes with being open like that. My theory is she needed to become a mother to feel fully complete, and completely confident. I love it! I still think I like IVY BLUE better… but Blue Ivy is pretty too…it’s starting to grow on me…

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